Nitehawks Announce Coaching Change

Unfortunately, GM Jamie Cominotto has had to step down from our staff for some personal reasons, and although we will miss him greatly, Terry Jones is excited to pick up his portfolio as GM of the club once again, and Jamie’s twin brother Jeremy will help assist him with some of the GM duties. We are also excited to announce that former Nitehawk player Ryan Edwards will join our coaching staff. Ryan was an amazing player for our club (one of our all time leading scorers) and is an even better person so we are very happy to welcome him to our on ice coaching team with Mike Morissette, Mason Spear and Shane Drake. Our team off ice fitness program will be managed by Elevate gym owner and former Nitehawk Dallas Calvin. We are excited to have Dallas as part of our staff. Our last announcement is that former Smoke Eater trainer Bobbi-Jean Leier will be our new team trainer. Bobbi has extensive experience working with junior hockey players and is totally up to date with all physio and training techniques. She will be an enormous asset for our hockey club.